How to fix Fuzzy Text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays ?

How to fix Fuzzy Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

Windows 10 operating system is a combo pack of great new features. But one annoying issue is blurry text. In some cases high–DPI display causes Fuzzy fonts. Many desktop apps are having a problem with high–DPI displays. Windows is providing DPI scaling feature support but many Windows desktop applications never took advantage of it. However, Microsoft is working on the problem to fix and many app developers too. In the meantime try these solutions to fix the issue of blurry text on Windows 10.

What is Blurry Text

Blurry text is nothing but the text is not clearly visible to read and on the long run of your computer with blurry text will affect your eyes. To avoid this situation you have to resolve this issue as soon as possible to fix not able to read an issue and to protect your eyes. Due to the combination of the high-resolution screen and an incomplete graphics card driver will make the text seem blurred.  Because of any one of the following solutions is the cause of getting a blurry text. We can’t say exactly what causes blurry text, so try the below solutions and any one of them will fix your issue.

1. Check Power Cable to fix Blurry text on Windows 10

Check the power of the monitor and inspect whether cord may burning out or damaged. Examine the connection, if you are having a voltmeter to make sure that the monitor is getting the correct voltage from the electrical outlet. The normal voltage amount is about 100 watts for a running computer monitor. Sometimes, the problem is with the computing power as it doesn’t receive the correct amount of volts that causes an image to get blurred.

2. System Restore

If you accidentally made any changes to the screen sizing or changed any style. Are you worried that due to those changes system screen is blurry or Fuzzy and the text is not clear? To avoid this situation, restoring your system to the previous position is the best option. You have to follow below steps to restore system when it is working perfectly fine.

  • Press start menu from the desktop screen.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Click on system category.
  • On the next screen, go to system restore option.
  • Tap on system restores option where you will find the system restore points.
  • Select any of the systems to restore option before which text is visible without any blur.
  • You can check for the programs that will get an effect if you installed any software that will get affected. But your documents, images, and media will not get affected.
  • Wait for a while as the system restores and restarts your system.
  • After system restart check either the text is clear without any blur. If this doesn’t help go to the next solution.

3. Disconnect Devices

Sometimes connected external devices near to the system will cause the blurry text. To avoid this situation unplug headsets, speakers, or any external devices that are connected near the monitor. Hence, the devices can create an electromagnetic field that could blur or distort the picture.

4. Refresh Rate

You have to alter the monitor’s resolution and refresh rate settings to remedy the blurriness.

  • Go to start menu and select control panel or settings.
  • Tap on display option.
  • Navigate to screen resolution and click on advanced button.
  • Next, go to the monitor tab, you can alter the refresh rate in this tab.
  • Click on the ok button when you finished setting the refresh rate.
  • You have to restart your computer to engage in the new settings.
  • Sometimes you need to adjust settings a few times to get the correct one.

5. Update or Reinstall Driver to Fix Blurry Text on Windows 10

In a few of the cases, the issue is with the monitor driver. To fix this issue, you have to either update monitor driver or should uninstall and reinstall monitor driver. Visit your computer monitor manufacture website locate support page and download the software for your computer’s monitor model. After installing or updating driver, restart your system to apply necessary changes to your system.

6. How to Adjust Display Scaling Settings to fix Blurry text on Windows 10

Your laptop may be convertible or tablet or laptop with high- DPI Windows 10 will automatically choose suitable display scaling settings. Even more, sometimes you may have to change or adjust settings manually to make it appear larger and more readable.

Steps to change Display Settings 

  • Go to the start button.
  • If you know navigate directly to settings in the start menu else search for settings in the search box. Select the settings option.
  • The window will open, go to the system category from the list.
  • Next, go to display option.
  • You will have options under scale and layout, choose your preferred option.
  • You can configure scaling for each screen separately even though your PC has connected to multiple screens.
  • The perfect scale setting will depend on your display and eyes. So choose the setting by trial and error method and fix for the one setting which best suits your eyes.
  • You have to choose custom scaling and can set a custom percentage value between 100 % to 500 % value.
  • Select the advanced scaling settings option from the window as shown in the figure.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

  • The next window screen, you will see fix scaling for apps section. Enable Let Windows try to fix apps so they are not blurry switch.  This will fix the apps that are always blurry. If you have an idea of an app that always causes blurry, open it. When you open the Windows 10 ought to show you a toast notification saying it’s detected as a blurry app that it will attempt to fix it. Allow Windows 10 to do what it does and check if the app is any better.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

  • Below on the same window, you can see custom scaling option in which you can set a custom scaling lebvel. Microsoft doesn’t recommend this option, so be careful while using it. Undo changes of scaling, if you find any misbehavior while opening apps.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

  • After making necessary changes close all the windows and there is no need to restart for changes to apply. Because the system automatically inculcates scaling options after closing the settings window. But doing your work after restarting will gives you the best results. Because the processor will be loaded due to restarting makes your system work faster.

NOTE: Microsoft recommends you to choose default option for maximum compatibility with applications.

7. How to Override System DPI Scaling on Application to fix blurry text on Windows 10

In some cases, third-party applications will have blurry fonts and will not have a clear view when you enable DPI scaling. You are facing this issue because Windows will enlarge to appear the application larger which is like zooming into an image. Hence, the required text or image appears larger and more readable but it looks blurrier.

Theoretically speaking in detail blurrier text happens mostly in older applications that are not aware of DPI scaling. But in practice, this problem applies to many common desktop applications. You can fix this problem manually on adjusting DPI scaling settings for individual applications that are not working well.

  • If the applications are present on the taskbar, right-click on the problematic application icon.
  • Right-click on the application name and select the properties option from the expanded list.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

  • The new window opens showing the properties with all the categories.
  • Navigate to the compatibility mode category from the menu. Click on it.
  • Under settings category, you can see drop-down list next to scaling performed by. Look at the image for clear understanding.
  • You have to choose one of the three high DPI scaling options from the drop-down list. You can see three options do changes to your application and their view settings.


Windows will leave the application as it is. On choosing this application will disable DPI scaling for the application entirely. This will make the application appear tiny but will not make it look blurry. Here you can disable display scaling on high DPI settings and will not give picture-perfect view.


 Windows will use its normal behavior. The application which doesn’t mold according to system DPI settings will get bitmap stretched to appear larger. It helps you to read the text more easily but often appear blurry. This is the default behavior of the application.


 Windows will scale applications in a more intelligent way. This option selection will result in crisp text and some other elements in an application that would normally appear blurry with the normal system scaling. In the creators’ update, this option only works with GDI based applications. This new feature will make the device manager and other system tools finally will not have blurry text in the creators’ update.   How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

  • After choosing your preferred option click on the apply and later ok button.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays

  • You have to close the application that you changed settings to apply changes. Again re-launch the application to apply the changes.

NOTE: If you are not aware of which option to choose between application, system, system (enhanced). Try one of the options and look for the appearance of the application to apply the best option to the application.

** To use setting Let Windows try to fix apps so they are not blurry. Your system must have Windows 10 version 1803 update installation.

8. ClearType

Microsoft has been using a system-wide technology called ClearType to make the text less fuzzy and makes it clear. Windows 10 automatically includes ClearType support which will usually turn on default. You have to check once again whether ClearType setting then fine-tune.

  • Search for ClearType in the start menu by typing in the search box. Or you also search using cttune.exe in the Windows start search box.
  • In the result, list select “Adjust ClearType text” to open the control panel window.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

  • The ClearType text tuner control panel opens and checks the box next to “Turn on ClearType” is the uptick. If the checkbox is uptick you have to do it and click on the Next button.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

  • Windows 10 will check either your monitor resolution is set properly. Click on the Next button.   

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution DisplaysHow to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

  • Over the next five screens, you will see several text blocks. You have to select the text block that best suits your eyes. This process is just like an eye exam which checks the font style best suits your eyes.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

  • If you have one more monitor, you have to repeat the same procedure on clicking next and set for another monitor.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

  • Your ClearType settings are turned accordingly and click the finish button.

How to fix Fuzzy or Blurry text on Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

  • If you want to make changes follow the same above procedure. Finally, you can adjust settings to make your eyes safe from a blurry text.

9. How to Fine–Tune display to fix Blurry text on Windows 10

If you want to make even more adjustments, follow the below procedure.

  • Open start menu, select Settings from the options.
  • On the new open window, select system category.
  • From the next screen under system settings, on the left side of the box navigate to display. Select the display option.
  • Here, you can adjust the size of the text on the screen and can change the brightness level.
  • Select the advanced display settings link at the bottom of the box and choose color collaboration to fine-tune the colors on your display. Else the advanced sizing text and other items option to bump up the text size in Windows title bars, menu, and other screen elements.


The Windows 10 text blurry is a common issue and hope this article helped you to solve the issue. If you are having any queries regarding the solution steps write to us and we will help you out as soon as possible with the best solution. Do you have any query for errors or problems in your system, laptop, smartphone, or any electronic gadgets feel free to write to us and we will give you the appropriate solution?

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