11 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives in 2020 [Updated List]

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives [Updated List]

ExtraTorrent was highly popular and was ranked globally 291st largely viewed website. It was vastly used for downloading the best graphic torrents movies, documentaries, songs, TV shows, and many others. This was launched in 2006 by a strange administrator.

But after offering its service to millions of users, ExtraTorrent was completely shut down as per some legal issues. Because it is under the close inquiry from the authorities and after that in November 2017, the torrent website was ceased completely.

Well, this left the fans disappointed, and they are only left with various ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites and other torrent sites.

Moreover, today in this article, I am here with ExtraTorrent Alternatives, which offers the best experience during watching media content.  

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

A mirror site is basically a copy of a site that looks and works like the original site but it is hosted on a different server.

This is usually run the people who have nothing to do with the team after the original website.

Below check out the 5 best ExtraTorrent mirror websites:

Despite there are numerous advanced ExtraTorrent alternatives are available to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, songs, as well as download software and eBooks as well for free.

So here I have compiled the best 11 finest alternatives to ExtraTorrent website.

Top 11 Extratorrent Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

As we are starting our list we strictly recommend our users to use a VPN network connection before downloading any sites like ExtraTorrent. As most of the sites are free so they deliver many popups, ads and might not open on a normal network. Using a VPN is much safer and protects you from online theft and hackers.

In my experience, ExpressVPN is the best VPN which not only provides military-grade privacy but also superfast speed. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide to cancel the subscription in the first 30-days. You can get 3-months free and save 49% on ExpressVPN’s annual plan.

Follow the 3-step process below to set up ExpressVPN on your device.

Step 1: Visit the website ExpressVPN.com and subscribe to its service.

Step 2: Now, download and install the VPN software from this link.

Step 3: Lastly, open the ExpressVPN app and just click on the power icon to connect the VPN.

torrent vpn

So, make sure to use a good VPN service of your choice from the web.

The Pirate Bay

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

PirateBay is not the best Extratorrent alternative and is the oldest torrent sites available on the web. This is a great site to watch and download various movies, TV series as well as songs in HD quality for free. Also the best thing about the website, it delivers very minimal ads or popups.

The Pirate Bay offers you endless content that is available in 35 different languages. Also, this is limited to some countries, so make sure o use a VPN service to remove the Geolocation limitations and easily watch any of its content without the threat of privacy risks. Its design is simple but used by many users on a daily basis.

Why choose PirateBay as an alternative to ExtraTorrent?

  • This is the oldest torrent website and is accessed to date.
  • Offers very minimal ads
  • Available in 35 languages
  • Endless content is available rather than watching movies or TV shows online.

AIO Search

ExtraTorrent Alternatives

AIO Search is another best website like ExtraTorrent and is highly used to explore numerous torrents for free. Here you can find all the latest TV shows, web series, movies, songs, and others easily.

This torrent site is a Meta platform that uses other torrent websites, browsers, file hosting services, and other streaming websites to search for anything you want. Well, this is very handy and its services include Chrome and Firefox extension for the browsers so that the users can easily download torrent of their choice.

Why choose AIO Search as ExtraTorrent Alternative?

  • This is a very handy service
  • Offers latest released content for free
  • High streaming quality
  • It is a versatile file-searching provider


Alternative to ExtraTorrent

LimeTorrents looks like a sister site of ExtraTorrent, as its navigation is quite similar. This is therefore considered as a very close alternative to ExtraTorrent. Well, this common torrent site is reworked and featured a smooth design with large buttons and a search bar to search for anything easily.

Its huge content database is what makes it more popular and presents everything from the latest released movies to TV series, music, apps, anime, games, and others. This also supports different video quality including the 1080p, 720p, and CAM for free.

Why choose LimeTorrents as ExtraTorrent Alternative?

  • Includes massive content database
  • Offers the latest release of every torrent
  • Video streaming is also good
  • Easy to use


Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

GloTorrents is a famous Extratorrent alternative and is a highly used torrent site across the world. This presents a huge list of free to download torrent content like the latest released movies, TV shows, web series, music, apps, software for free.

This allows downloading the files directly from the website or using the magnet links for fast downloads. You may experience plenty of ads or misleading redirections so it is best to use a VPN connection to stay safe while browsing the site. The video quality of this site like Extratorrent is also good and offers high streaming videos.

Why choose GloTorrents as an Alternative to ExtraTorrent?

  • Fast and high streaming quality
  • Accessed globally for free
  • Present latest released movies and other media content


ExtraTorrent Alternatives

1337x is the most trendy torrent site and the layout is quite similar to the ExtraTorrent. This ExtraTorrent alternative is on the web since 2007 and offers the latest content to the torrent users worldwide.

Despite its latest content, the design of the site is also amazing. In the homepage the content is filtered in different categories like Trending, Popular this Week, Top 100 torrents, and Popular Today torrents. Also, support high streaming video quality and the overall design is easy to use and navigable.

Why choose 1337x as an Alternative to ExtraTorrent?

  • Interactive design and easy to use
  • Offer plenty of latest media content for free
  • Brings the latest games, software, and apps to free download.


 Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

KickassTorrents is a simple but well-managed alternative to ExtraTorrent. This looks, feels, and works just like the ExtraTorrent website and is available on the web since 2008. This website is highly popular among the users and gets more than 1 million visitors daily

Its content database is very huge and is the highly visited torrent site in the world. Its interface is structured nicely and allows easy browse to the content. Different categories are listed on the top of the site and on the homepage you can see entire popular torrents of all the main categories such as TV shows, games, applications, music, software, anime, and others.

Rather than the categories, it is also having its own search bar, from where you can type the keyword and download it.

Why choose KickassTorrents as an Alternative to ExtraTorrent?

  • Massive content library
  • User-friendly interface
  • Display every fewer ad.


 Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

RARBG is another best ExtraTorrent alternative and is a popular torrent site that allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows. The website is having a very clean layout and the content is well-structured.

Besides its user-friendly interface, the content is filtered in different categories for the latest software, music, games, latest movies, TV shows, and others. Also, the torrent listed on the RARBG site, features cover art, short description, screenshots, and other related information. On the best thing about this similar site like ExtraTorrent is the TV shows and movies are offered in various resolutions and bitrates, from the SD card to uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips.

But in many countries RARBG is blocked, so you may require using the VPN software for browsing it.

Why choose RARBG as an ExtraTorrent Alternative?

  • Well-organized and user-friendly interface
  • The content is available in many different resolutions and bitrates
  • You can see the latest movies and TV series for free


 Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

Zooqle managed the entire torrents section wonderfully and is a popular ExtraTorrent alternative. This site is having a very huge database currently more than 3.5 million torrent sites are available on the Zooqle site.

Not only its database regularly updated and more than 1000 torrents are added on this ExtraTorrent similar site. Despite this, the design of the site is highly modern and functions brilliantly. This interface of the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

On the homepage, various torrents are available so, that you can easily select from it. It is also having the Search bar from which you can directly and search for anything just by typing the name. It is available in Russian and English language and it is estimated soon ore languages are added.

Why choose Zooqle as an Alternative to ExtraTorrent?

  • Modern design and entire torrents are managed wonderfully.
  • Easily navigable and user-friendly interface
  • Massive content library
  • Show fewer ads


ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Bitlord is a friendly Extratorrent Alternative site, it includes not only the latest movies and TV shows but more than 1000 kids torrents as well. This is a complete entertainment source and suits all age users’ needs. This is categorized as a complete family entertainment package source.

Just most of the alternatives of ExtraTorrents listed above this also allow filtering the content to easily navigate to the one you need to watch. So by using the filter you can remove the adult content and enjoy other content with ease.

The interface of the website is simple and allows the users to easily find the latest movies, TV shows, music, and others for free. Its database is also very huge as it collects torrent around the web. This offers high streaming and downloading is also very fast. The BitLord app is also available for both the Android and iOS devices to easily download the free torrents.

The only drawback of the site is it displays plenty of irritating ads and misleading redirections. So, make sure to open the site in the VPN network connection.

Why choose BitLord as an ExtraTorrent Alternative?

  • It is a complete family entertainment package
  • Offers kids torrents as well
  • Available on Android and iOS devices


ExtraTorrent Alternatives

TorrentHounds is also a popular site to download torrents. This is having more than millions of customers worldwide and therefore is considered as the best Extratorrent alternative.

Here you can get more than 4000 latest torrents every day, its database is updated regularly. The interface is quite simple and allows easy browsing with loads of the HD torrents like free movies, music, web series, TV shows, games, software, etc.

TorrentHounds also has its own community that answers all your questions. Despite the latest content, here you can also get the old movies and music and this is the reason it is a provider of huge torrent files. This is easy to use and to download torrents fast make sure to sign up the account.

Why choose TorrentHounds as an Alternative of ExtraTorrent?

  • Huge database and 4000+ torrents are updated regularly
  • Simple interface
  • Streams HD Videos quality


Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

Torrentz is a very old site and is used by the users for more than 6 years. This is a search engine for the torrents and offers a very fast, well-organized design. Its data is merged and established from plenty of torrent sites.

This is also having a search bar that allows you to explore entered phrases or text through 300 plus torrents websites. And as per Torrentz’s site, there are more than 9.8 million torrents. Here you can get free latest movies; TV shows as well as free games and apps.

The interface is easily navigable and only had a search bar and user menu. Here you also don’t require signing up to browse or download torrent files. The filters are also available so that you can arrange the list by age or by safety and quality.  The users are redirected to various other torrent sites for downloading content usually Kickass torrents as this is secure.

Why choose Torrentz.io as an Alternative to ExtraTorrent?

  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • It is one of the popular torrent meta-search engines
  • Available worldwide

So, these are the top ExtraTorrent alternatives that allow you to download plenty of content for free in just a few clicks. Moreover, it might happen some of the sites won’t open without the VPN connection, make sure to use a good VPN connection to stay safe while browsing any torrent sites.

Despite this, with the rise in scrutiny, many torrent sites start categorizing itself as search engines for torrents. They will only offer a mode for the users to search torrents files on other torrent sites and they won’t host any torrent files.

So below I have listed some of the best search engines for torrent, you can add them in your list to move ahead.

  1. Torrents.io
  2. TorrentSeeker
  3. Snowfl
  4. Xtorx

These are some of the torrents search engines you can rely on.


Well, this is all about the ExtraTorrent alternatives sites. I tried my best to list down the best working similar sites like ExtraTorrent.

All the listed websites are first tested by our team, and then it is listed in the blog. So, feel free to use them to browse torrents content.

Also, don’t forget to use a VPN connection network for a safe and secure browsing experience.

Hope you like the article and the information provided is sufficient for you. But if there is anything that I missed out or you are having any queries, comments, or suggestions that feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

You can also follow us on our Facebook page and don’t forget to hit the like button and share our page.

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