Apple may Ship Airpods with its 2020 iPhones

Apple may Ship Airpods with its 2020 iPhones

All this time Apple was claiming that the future of audio is going to be wireless. Till now this was not true until the reports came that Apple will be rendering TWS(true wireless stereo). 

These TWS are nothing but wireless earbuds that connects to the required device through Bluetooth. Now the unique thing about this provision is that Apple corporation will be providing these wireless earbuds for free with the 2020 iPhones, as per the reports. 

It is not known whether this provision will be made will all the future iPhones that will come or with just a few high-ranking ones. Also, whether this will affect the cost and price of the accompanied model or not is yet to be found. 

This can happen because the only earphones that are provided with current prevailing iPhones cost just $29 whereas the wireless ones known as Airpods cost $159. So one cannot be sure whether the fact that they will be “free” is true or not. 

Enhanced RAM

On the other hand, companies like Samsung and Xiaomi are also planning to bundle wireless devices for audio along with their upcoming models. And Apple is also believed to be bringing upgrades in the RAM according to some sources. 

Unlike the iPhone 11 PRO and PRO MAX, the upcoming model iPhone 12 PRO and PRO MAX will be equipped with 6 GB of RAM instead of 4. Though the model with less number of specs may still have the typical 4 GB of RAM. 

What is so special about these Airpods?

Nevertheless, the hype still remains to be about the iPhone earbuds that cost $159. The Airpods by Apple is packed with astounding features such as noise filtration, the digital assistant Siri. Moreover, it is equipped with accelerometers and optical sensors with the help of which customers can use the single tap, double-tap features, etc. These also enable the Airpods to automatically turn off when they are pulled out of the ears. 

The latest of the Airpods also render more extended talk periods, faster connectivity with the Bluetooth device and most importantly the wireless charging case. With the help of this case, users will be able to charge their Airpods at a really great speed that too just by putting it above the adaptor. All such features make these Airpods much more appealing than before. 

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