Amazon Alexa will Consistently Remind you when to take Antibiotics

Amazon Echo will Consistently Remind you when to take Antibiotics

Amazon Echo has come up with a new feature, Alexa will now consistently remind you when to take your medicine and Request Prescription fills. Amazon has collaborated with Omnicell that has already started providing customers with the new capabilities of Giant Eagle pharmacy.

Now because Amazon had already placed Alexa systems in hundreds of homes, the firm is looking for ways to make the gadgets indeed more useful.

“This initial release will teach us a lot and we will continue to develop the experience and simply allow next year to diversify to additional pharmacies,” Amazon said in the blog post.

Alexa has launched five years ago and users started focusing early on Alexa for daily tasks such as scheduling their morning alarm, handling their plans, making notes, to-do lists, habits, and more. Starting today, the latest Alexa prescription alerts and speech refill apps will be accessible across all Giant Eagle pharmacy customers

Here is how the new features can be used:

Activate the pharmacy expertise of Giant Eagle and connect your account. Build a speech profile for Alexa and set up a personal passcode. Then say to start putting up reminders, “Alexa, manage my medication.” Alexa will assist you to review your existing prescription medications and generate reminders based on your preferences for taking your medication. As Alexa begins an alert, consumers may say, “Alexa, what medicine can I take right now?”
Say, “Alexa, restock my prescription.

Amazon says these apps “use multiple layers of authentication” to guarantee that Alexa does not encourage anyone else to access the drug data.

The firm also claims users will be able to access and remove their voice recordings via the Alexa device, the privacy settings site or text.

if you’re not aware of this feature, go and set up your Amazon Alexa to remind you about your prescriptions. Stay tuned for further updates

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