6G Networks could offer theoretical speed upto to 1TB/s

China Working on 6G Networks that may offer Speeds Up to 1TB/s

The researchers of the telecom industry seem to be in a hurry to roll-out as many network technologies as possible. While the majority of world is still stuck at 4G, and 5G still remaining to be rolled out completely, researchers in China have started working on 6G. China’s Ministry of Science and Technology recently started preparatory work on it, and the researchers involved are suggesting that the theoretical speeds of this network may be up to 1TB/s – almost 8,000 times more than the current speeds of 5G!

The researchers working on it are from various companies, including Samsung, Huawei, SK Telecom among others. You may be wondering just how high is 1TB/s, right? Well, that kind of speed can allow you to download 40-50 movies of 4K quality within a second. And while this may seem unbelievable, keep in mind that they’re talking about “theoretical” speeds. A lot of things that are said in theory remain true for theory only, as ground reality tends to be different from the theory.

Keeping that in mind, it can still not be denied that the speeds of a 6G network will be significantly higher than the speeds of 5G. How high they actually are in real life will be determined later, as there is still a lot of time remaining before 6G can be rolled out in any major geographical region.

So for now, let’s wait for the complete roll-out of 5G only. It’s easily going to take at least 2 years to be rolled out in all major smartphone markets, so 6G rollout is out of the question before that. But we thought it’ll be nice to share the details about it with you now when they’ve come out. What do you think about this development? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: GizChina

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