iPhone 2021 May Come Port-less, iPhone SE2 Plus Rumored for 1H21

Apple may Launch iPhone Without any Ports in 2021, iPhone SE 2 Plus in 2021: Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple wireless iPhone could be the next big thing coming up. Apple never fails to surprise its users. So dreaming of a portless iPhone could be true in the near future. Earlier, the headphone jack was silenced by Apple. Finally, comes to the lightning port.

Noted Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has a new research note forecasting the next two years of iPhones from Apple, and there is a wild new detail: Apple’s 2021 flagship next iPhone is apparently going to kill off the Lightning port, but USB-C enthusiasts (the same as me) so don’t get too excited. Apple will not substitute the patented port with USB-C, according to Kuo’s note; rather, it will focus on a fully wireless interface for loading and synchronization.

The switch would be a major one for Apple since it was first launched on the iPhone 5 in 2013, depending on the Lightning port for all of its devices. And while current iPhones are definitely less focused on physically synchronizing information, switching to a completely mobile system would have tremendous repercussions across the tech industry, impacting everything from paying cable companies to headphone producers. Clearly, we’re still a long way out from 2021 — Apple’s 2020 iPhones aren’t even here yet — yet Kuo has a good reputation for forecasting Apple’s intentions, which means it’s quite likely that this will feel like the future for iPhones.

However, Kuo’s report gives more information on what to expect from the 2020 lineup of Apple, which he says would include five new phones. First up is the lengthy-rumoured iPhone SE 2, which Kuo claims will have an almost similar 4.7-inch LCD Touchscreen display and an iPhone 8 form factor. The 2021 followup to the this iPhone, which Kuo refers to as the “iPhone SE 2 Plus,” will reportedly feature an all-screen design without a Home button. Kuo predicts this device will have a screen size of either 5.5-inches or 6.1-inches.

The new Apple wireless iPhone fall series is where things get a little bit more strange. Kuo’s note says four OLED iPhones were expected by Apple, all of which will have 5G. Compared to the devices of this year, a high-end triple-camera version (which will also incorporate ToF technology) will appear in dual sizes: A version of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. Such two were meant to be substitutes for the current iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

There’s also a double-camera version in the lower end, identical to the iPhone 11 default. Yet compared to the current lineup, this dual-camera version should arrive in two sizes as well. The new model (let’s call it the iPhone 12) would have a width of 6.1 inches, similar to the current iPhone 11, according to Kuo, but it will also arrive in a smaller size of 5.4 inches.

Let’s wait for the Apple wireless phone and see what it will bring up for the users.

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