How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading ?


PUBG players are facing an issue with their game. As PUBG is not loading texture of buildings and other objects after they land on the ground which makes game graphics look retro. There are many reasons that will contribute slow render and that causes most common bad render times on buildings.

PUBG Buildings Not Loading

The PUBG game involves going into buildings and looting them. If the buildings and texture don’t load, it makes very difficult to get inside and interact with objects. Of course buildings not loading, texture not loading, and slow rendering can be a game-breaking bug. Unfortunately, to fix the issue, you have to upgrade your computer to handle the demands of the game.

But before going into updating your system, some other fixes given in this article may work you. These simple solutions will help you to fix PUBG buildings not loading issue.

PUBG Buildings not Loading: Solutions

Turn off Nvidia shadowplay

This is one of the easiest fixes for people with Nvidia graphics card. You have to turn off shadowplay to fix this issue. Initially, you have to open your GeForce general settings menu and turn off the share option. This will help you to fix the issue of buildings not loading in PUBG.How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Move Game files to your SSD

Slow render of buildings or buildings not loading due to slow transfer of files from hard drive to RAM. You can quickly get the files to RAM by booting them from SSD (Solid State Drive). You have to transfer the game folder onto your SSD.

If you don’t have space in your SSD, just transfer over the page file (Virtual Memory) and it will render quicker.

Steps to transfer the file

  • Go to the Local drive C: \ Program Files (x86) \ steam \ steamapps \ common \ PUBG
  • This will get you into your games folder, later drag and drop it into your SSD’s steam folder.

If you don’t have a steam folder on your SSD, you have to make one ongoing to Steam’s settings.

  • Click on the steam menu from the menu bar and go to settings.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • On the pop–up window, click on downloads and on the next screen click on the steam library folders button.
  • You will now see a pop – window, select add library folder as shown in the figure.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • Now choose a folder on your SSD where you want to save your PUBG files. Or you can create a new folder in the SSD and name it as you wish.
  • After completion of creating folder select the folder.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • You have successfully added a folder to the library folders, click on close button.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • Finally, click on the ok button as shown in the figure.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • Now click on Library from the menu bar of steam.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • Right-click on player unknown’s battlegrounds, from the drop-down list select properties.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • On the next screen properties are open, go to local files tab from the menu.
  • Under local files tab, you can list of options select move install folder option.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • Select the new folder you have created and click on move folder.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Steam will move you PUBG files to that new folder successfully. Now check whether this solution fixes your buildings not loading issue.

Steps to backup a game

  • Go to steam
  • Next select library from the menu bar
  • You can see all the games, right-click on the PUBG game and select backup game files from the drop-down list.

Same as shown in the figure, right-click on the PUBG game from the list in steam.    

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • Choose a destination folder for the backup and let the program run.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • After completion of the backup, you have to restore the backup by going to steam and click on backup and restore games option.
  • Select restore a game.
  • Next, select the file that game’s backup is in.
  • Finally, restore it to the location you want (SSD new created folder as in the above solution).

Pre–Rendering to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Pre-rendering nothing but it involves in forcing the game to render. Most of its assets before you hit the ground from parachuting. After you drop out of the plane, aim yourself where you want to go. Hold W through the entire thing until you hit tab, hit TAB once your parachute auto deploys. The entire game will freeze for a while and will get back with all the buildings loaded.

** This is a simple trick to load the buildings without any issue.

Check for Memory Leaks

The people with low RAM memory leaks are the cause of buildings not loading in PUBG. This is as simple as that your system is not having enough space to hold the game. You have to run only steam and all other programs should close or restart your computer and run only steam to play PUBG. Restarting your computer and running only PUBG game in steam will mostly clear the issue of buildings not loading.

Update Graphics Driver to fix Buildings Not Loading in PUBG

You may use any of the graphics drivers but not updating the driver also cause this error. To fix this issue you have to update your graphics driver and check whether the issue is fixed.

Steps to update the graphics driver in your system

  • Go to start menu and type device manager. From the list select the top device manager.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • New pop–up window opens, go to display adapters from the list and double-click on it. The list under it expands.
  • Select the graphics driver under the list and right-click on it.
  • From the drop-down list, select update driver software option.

How to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

  • After completion of updating the graphics driver, restart your system.
  • Now check either the issue is fixed or not.


Sometime none of the solutions will work to fix the issue of PUBG buildings not loading. In some cases, any one of the solutions may workout to fix the issue. Are you facing any issue while trying out the solutions, write us the issue you are facing. Any suggestions or problems related to other gadgets are always welcome. We will help you out with the best solutions as soon as possible we received it.

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