Google Photos Set the Image Markup Tool for Drawing Pictures.

 Google Photos set the image markup tool for drawing pictures.

Google Photos adds really neat and useful features slowly, and the next addition may be an image markup tool.

Julio Nihili (via Android Police) spotted the new feature on Twitter and looks like a future update will allow you to draw and doodle your images similarly to Snapchat. 

Google Photos would like to provide you with automated editing of your snapshots, some of which you might even like. There are some basic editing resources, though, that you want to modify your snapshots in other ways. In Photos, there’s a new tool that rolls out, and it’s long overdue: you can now doodle with the markup on your photos.

A while later we saw something identical, first on the Android Pie update, enabling you to tag screenshots. The photo formatting feature in Google Photos helps you to draw lines in different colors and line forms, much like that edition. You seem to be able to draw with a marker or brushes— both of which give a different stroke.

The new image markup tool will be available in the bottom editing UI once the feature rolls out more widely. At your fingertips, it’s right there and it’s not hidden in overflow or side menus. You can also choose from seven colors: black, red, orange, brown, blue, purple and white.

It doesn’t have to be more complex than that as far as resources go. There is no question that the photo markup software would complement other cool tools introduced to Google Photos such as the newly incorporated file cropping app.

I wasn’t able to get the functionality to work on any phone that I currently have access to, but if you saw the photo markup software on your Google Photos edition, We’re not sure when it might be available, but once it is, we’ll let you know.

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