Google kills its Database(cloud) Print service: After 10 years of Beta

Google kills its Database(cloud) Print service: After 10 years of Beta

At the end of 2020, Google announced intentions to completely shut down Cloud Print, a cloud-based printing service. For some users, printing documents on the web using Google Chrome will become a little more complicated as Google has announced that cloud print will no longer be supported in 2021.

In 2010 the company launched Cloud Print as a tool for printing compatible printers from any internet-connected device. The main advantage of the approach was that users didn’t have to load printer drivers on their client devices and they didn’t have to be on the same local network as the printer. The workaround made it possible to print for that particular device without official support from the printer’s supplier or drivers.

The Google Cloud Printer software could be enabled on Windows users to bring cloud printing capabilities to the operating system. Windows users may use the Google Cloud Printer program to add cloud printing capability to the operating system.

A support page on the Google website provides users with information about the upcoming Cloud Print termination. Cloud Print will continue to work until December 31, 2020, according to the information on the page. Google would shut down the service on 1 January 2021, indicating that “Google Cloud Print will no longer be able to print apps across all operating systems.”

Google lists a number of options for Chrome OS administrators and users on the support page. Native printing is suggested by the agency, which it claims has significantly improved. Printing via USB or a local network like Popular Unix Printing System or native printing solutions unique to Business and Education are among the choices. Affected users can use options such as Free Mobile Print for Android to use Google Cloud Print.

Google’s closure of services is not unusual, and the company’s vast size ensures shutdowns involve a significant number of customers. When using new Google products (such as Stadia), Google users affected by shutdowns may be more cautious.  Google Print’s decision to shut down will complicate things for some.

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