Flaw in Google Camera put Smartphone users at risk of being secretly recorded

Flaw in Google Camera put Smartphone users at risk of being secretly recorded

Attention Android users, your devices are a huge danger! According to the reports, the flaw in Google Camera puts smartphone users at risk of being secretly recorded by attackers. Read this news to find out more.

Researchers found a bug in Android phones

Recently, researchers have discovered a vulnerability, which allows attackers to record videos and click pictures without the user’s permission. Sources say that it was first found in the Samsung camera app as well as the Google Camera app. Checkmarx Security Research Team was the first company to discover the bug and classified it as CVE-2019-2234.

Later on, it was also revealed that the Pixel 3 camera app and Pixel 2 XL has permission to bypass the problems. Millions of smartphone users are at a huge risk, and they don’t even know about it. Also, rumors have been circulating that Samsung phones have given permissions to third-party apps to record calls.

So this means, stealing information from Android users won’t be a tough job for attackers. Playstore should check, before putting it to be on the Play Store. Furthermore, this is the only way to overcome this flaw.

How does this bug help hackers?

This new Android flaw helps the hackers to control the smartphone user’s camera. Moreover, they can easily record videos and capture photos with the help of a rogue Android app. Apart from that, Checkmarx Security Research Team also reveals how these hackers can exploit SD card data easily.

The attacker can also access the saved videos and photos on your Android phone. Besides, they can also attain EXIF data of the pictures as well as GPS metadata. Private details of Android phone users may get exploited when they are on voice calls. The attacker uses specific devices to record the personal conversations of the caller and receiver.

So if a user reveals any security password or bank information to the receiver, then his or her account will be at risk. Well, one good news is that Google has fixed the vulnerability in its official camera apps. However, it is still unclear whether the other Android OEMs will take the necessary action or not. This flaw is quite dangerous, and officials should take necessary actions on it.

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