Facebook Rolls Out New Tool to Transfer Pictures to Google Photos

Facebook Rolls Out New Tool to Transfer Pictures to Google Photos

The most popular social media platform, Facebook tests a tool which lets its users to transfer pictures directly to Google photos. Initially, the tool is being tested in Ireland and will be available worldwide till the first half of 2020 based on user feedback.

Steve Satterfield, Director of privacy and public policy of Facebook stated that As user’s privacy is the first priority. Keeping in view of it, the tool we are rolling out is based on the code developed through the participation in the Data Transfer Project which includes the participants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and others.

The Data Transfer Project (DTP) makes it easy to move the photos from one file to another. This project was established in 2017 and officially announced in 2018. Facebook is using this tool initially for Google Photos, later other services could be included. The DTP includes three components: Shared data model set, Adapters & Data Transformation from shared data model sets. 

This tool will be beneficial for the marketers as they can migrate the bulk part of their media files, rather than doing it manually. There can be a disadvantage to the users too as the photos will be synced automatically and moved to the Facebook album. So ensure checking the photos and be aware of the fact of automatically transferring of data. 

Facebook has become a huge platform by inventing such new tools in itself, like the previous one on how to migrate your profile to a business profile, and people are reaping benefits from it.

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