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How to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header?

Bad Pool Header Windows

Hey, are you facing Bad Pool Header error? Well, we have the easiest method to resolve this issue. But, before heading towards the solutions, let’s see what is Windows Bad Pool Header?

What is Windows Bad Pool Header

Sometimes the situation becomes quite worse when the system crashes amid the mid of the work and if the issue ‘Bad Pool Header Windows Blue Screen’ arises, then it really becomes annoying to fix the same. If you are not sure about the error which you are facing, just be confirm from the error value of 0x00000019 or check below the screen that shows how the Bad Pool Header error looks like in the Windows operating system. If you are receiving such an error message, that means your system is having pool header error and can be caused due to different reasons. I think the blue screen of death errors is the worst part a Window’s user ever face. Among which, Bad Pool Header is the most frequent BSOD error nowadays. It can be seen randomly in versions of Windows but from recent stats, it is found that many Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 users have faced BAD_POOL_HEADER problem and reported about it. What is Windows Bad Pool Header

Hardware and software faults are the major reasons behind this error. The installation of any incompatible application or anti-virus on your system or laptops causes this error. Before fixing this error, if we can find the possible reason behind it, then the fixing part becomes much easier. The reason can be any driver update, Windows update or any hardware replacements, etc. So, once you are able to find out the reason for it, then you are almost done.

Before heading towards the solution, let’s explore the reason behind the issue.

What are the possible causes for ‘Windows Bad Pool Header?

Windows Bad Pool Header arises when the computer fails to allocate memory. In brief, Pool is recognized as Memory Pool whose prime aim is to allocate memory and the Header monitor the Pool and examine the values. So, if the duo fails to run smoothly, then ‘Bad Pool Head Error Windows’ BSOD arises. The efficiency of the Header and Pool depends upon a few factors and if they fail to run, then an error will appear on your screen.

  • Failure of RAM Module
  • Installation of corrupt software
  • Outdated drivers

Now, you came to know about the actual reason behind the issue and your current task is to fix the issue with an effective solution which is listed below. So, let’s begin the journey and execute the process carefully.

How to fix ‘Windows Bad Pool Header’

To fix this error, you need to restart the system and in most of the cases, it disappears but in few cases, it started appearing again. Here we recommend restarting your PC in Safe Mode then follow these simple and effective steps to fix this error:

1. Fix RAM Memory

RAM Memory is the prime cause behind this issue, so our first task is to test the RAM and then if any fault appears, then we will fix the same. Well, if you are not a techie, then don’t worry; the Windows will help you out with the inbuilt tool ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’. Now, go through the detailed solution listed beneath.

  • Click on the ‘Windows’ icon and type ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic; and hit Enter key.

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by fixing RAM Memory

  • Thereafter, a new window will appear and will offer you two options; ‘Restart now and check for problems’ and ‘Check for problems the next time I start my computer

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by fixing RAM Memory

  • Click on the first option, i.e. ‘Restart now’.
  • Now, the window will perform its task and your job is to follow the instructions carefully to finish the process.

2. Corrupt Software

If you have installed any software which is not certified then remove it instantly as this may hamper the system memory and let to an issue ‘Windows Bad Pool Header’. After uninstalling anti-malware software, restart your computer. To uninstall the software, follow the steps.

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu and type ‘Control Panel’. You can also press short key Win+x+p to open Control Panel quickly.

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by removing corrupt software

  • Now, click on ‘Programs’ and soon you will discover the list of applications installed on your computer.
  • Your job is to find out the anti-malware software and then click on the ‘Uninstall’ button, located at the top of the page.

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by removing corrupt software

  • That’s it; now the Windows will complete the process and for the support, just follow the instructions.

3. Driver Issue

Drivers are the backbone of the Windows and if it gets corrupted, then the issue ‘Bad Pool Header Windows Blue Screen’ arises. So, your job is to find out the corrupted driver and then update the same. For your solace, the detailed method is provided below.

  • Hover your cursor to the ‘Start’ menu, right-click on it and then select ‘Device Manager’.

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by updating corrupt driver

  • Thereafter, a list of installed application will appear on your screen and you just need to figure out the driver you need to update.
  • Select the application and click on the ‘expansion’ button. Thereafter, you will find the driver section. Here, an example is shown in the images.

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by updating corrupt driver

  • Now, you will find the expansion list of application; and you have to right-click on the sub-section of the same application and then select ‘Update Driver’.

Guide to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header by updating corrupt driver

  • The update process of a driver will take some time and after completing the process, restart your computer.

4. Disable Window Search to fix Windows Bad Pool Header

This is also one of the methods to fix ‘Bad Pool Header Error Windows’. The process is very easy and for your convenience, the detailed method is listed below.

  • Press ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ key together.
  • Thereafter, ‘Run’ dialog box will appear and you will have to type ‘services.msc’ in the space provided in the box and then hit ‘Enter’.

Guide to Disable Window search to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header

  • A new window will open, which will show the list of services including active and inactive. Now, you navigate for ‘Window search’ and then double-click on it.

Guide to Disable Window search to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header

  • Soon, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with few options, move to the section ‘Startup type’ and select ‘disabled’ from the drop-down menu.

Guide to Disable Window search to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header

  • After completing the above task, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Guide to Disable Window search to Fix Windows Bad Pool Header

  • Now restart your computer and check the issue.

5. Disable Antivirus

Sometimes, Antivirus blocks the system memory and won’t allow them to run smoothly and due to this ‘Windows Bad Pool Header’ issue arises. So, if this is the case, then disable the antivirus you are using and then restart your computer. This time, you won’t get any kind of error.

6. How to fix Windows Bad Pool Header by Removing External Peripherals

The external hardware that is connected to your computer, such as USB drive, external hard disk, etc may be responsible for an issue. So, to fix the same, remove all the external components that are attached to the computer and then restart your computer.


These above methods will resolve your issue ‘Windows Bad Pool Header’ issue. However, if you fail to accomplish the task, then don’t get annoyed, just contact us for the advanced solution. We will remotely access your computer and will fix the issue within a short span of time. Our team is composed of experienced geeks and they work around the clock for the support of the users so you can approach anytime as per your convenience. If you feel this article helpful please like, share and follow our facebook page and keep visiting our website for such tutorials.

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