Apple begins trial Production of Cheaper iPhone 9 Model from Mid-Feb

Apple begins trial Production of Cheaper iPhone 9 Model; Mass Production to Begin from Mid-Feb

Apple’s image has historically been as a maker of premium devices. It’s no secret that the majority of people can’t afford an Apple device, especially when it comes to emerging markets. And Apple has also not shied away from that image, as it has repeatedly shrugged off the idea of launching cheaper devices for emerging markets. The first time when it felt that the company is taking a step back on that approach was when they launched iPhone SE. However, even that device was costlier than a lot of mid-range smartphones when it launched.

Now the company seems to be taking a new step in that direction with iPhone 9.

That’s right. According to a report from MyDrivers, the California-based smartphone giant has started the trial production of a cheaper iPhone 9 model. If everything goes fine, the model may enter mass production by mid-February. It’ll succeed the other less expensive iPhone model of the company, the iPhone SE. But besides its price, there was also another thing that made iPhone SE a hit, and that was its screen size. Many people still prefer a reasonable screen size in this era of huge screen smartphones, and iPhone SE was a popular choice among them as well. It remains to be seen what Apple does with the screen size of the iPhone 9.

The official introduction of this device is expected to happen in March. That leaves Apple with six months to produce the required number of units for shipment, which is certainly not something difficult for them. More details are awaited, and we’ll keep you updated about them as they come out in the next few weeks.

Source: MyDrivers (in Chinese)

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