How to Use the Xbox app to record your screen in Windows 10 ?

Record Your Screen using Xbox Game DVR on Windows 10

In this post, I will tell you how to use the Xbox app to record your screen in Windows 10?

Screen recording option will come in handy, like screenshots, not only with games but for many other instances. Say, you want to report a weird bug in the app, teach someone of an on-screen process or record a game to upload to YouTube or Twitch. Whatever the task, requires a reliable screen recorder to have quality output and doesn’t get in the way of what you are doing. Surprisingly Windows 10 has built-in screen recording features inside of the Xbox gaming app that can be used by everyone. Before proceeding further let me tell you what is Xbox DVR and how it works. Keep reading!

What is the Xbox DVR/Xbox game bar app?

The Xbox Game Bar App is an extremely functional application that comes bundled with the latest versions of the Windows operating system. Note that, only in the latest version of the Windows 10 do they come in this name. Previous versions come with Xbox app and older ones like Windows 7 and some versions of Windows 8 require downloading the app first. Download the Xbox Game Bar app from the Windows store, if not available by default.

Xbox DVR is an inbuilt application of Xbox which supports Windows 10 and offers the users to capture the screenshot or to create videos of the game. Through this application, users can record a gaming clip up to 2 hrs. Using the features of Xbox game DVR, you can edit the images also and can perform multiple unique tasks. Though there are some limitations, the Xbox app comes in very handy to record computer screen natively. So, if you want to record your Windows screen and wondering for the application, then take a break and explore Xbox.

Limitations of Xbox screen recording feature

The feature is intended to record gameplay in Windows 10 hence it records only within an application or game. Switching windows or minimizing will stop the recording. Hence not suitable for tutorial recordings that involve actions in more than one application. 

There is an option to record cursor and its movement with the latest versions. But with older versions of the app, the cursor does not record at all.

What is Screencast?

If you are a beginner and unaware of Screencast, then don’t worry. Your answer to ‘What is Screencast?’ is here. The screencast is a video recording process that enables you to capture the recording of your computer screen. In short, an innovative application in the field of video recording and through this application you can easily share your ideas by creating your own videos.

These were the basic terms of Xbox, now it’s time to know how it works and how you can access this application. So get ready to explore the solution of ‘How to enable Xbox?’. The detailed solution is listed below, go through the same and execute effectively.

How to enable Xbox DVR?

The latest update to the Xbox Gamer Bar app is a total UI change than the previous Xbox and Game DVR app that comes with Windows. The tutorial is written for the newer versions. With the older version, the functionality is similar which any PC user can figure out. If you are using Xbox first time, then you need to configure the settings of the application and the brief details for the same are listed below.

  • First, set-up the Xbox app and create an Xbox account if you do not have one already. Without setting-up, the Xbox Game Bar app will not work or screen record. 
  • Once set-up, open the application which you want to video capture with Xbox.
  • Click on the ‘Start’ icon type ‘Xbox’.
  • Thereafter, Microsoft App Store will appear and it will configure ‘Xbox’.
  • After configuration, you will find the ‘Start’ page of Xbox.

How to perform Windows Screen Recorder Settings in Xbox DVR?

Though there is not much to play around you can alter most of the basic settings from the same Xbox Game bar App. You can set video quality, audio sources and most other settings. There are two places where you need to go to have the fullest control over the screen recording using Xbox App.

One is the settings icon on the Xbox Game Bar. Here you will find options to change keyboard shortcuts for screen capture and record and some control over the audio source to go along with the screen capture.

  • Now, minimize the page and move to the ‘Settings’ of your PC.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • In the ‘Settings’ page, you will find the ‘Gaming’ feature; click on it.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • On this page, there are more granular controls like video frame rate, video quality, audio quality and an advanced feature that records 30sec to 10mins of the screen in a particular app even before you hit record.
  • For the older version, the same set of settings will be available in the settings section of the Xbox app.
  • You will find the slider showing’ Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar’. Turn ON the slider.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • On the same, page you will get a few options located at the left end of the page, click on ‘Game DVR’. Now, move to the ‘Background recording’ section and turn ON the slider.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • At the top of the Game DVR page, you will get an option ‘Open Folder’ which shows that the captured images or videos will store here.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • Scroll down the page and move to ‘Record this section’. Here, you will get an option ‘Maximum recording length’ fix it as per your convenience and select the featured option from the drop-down menu.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • Now close the ‘Settings tab’ open ‘Xbox’.

How to record your Windows screen?

  • However, if you have closed the ‘Xbox, then click on the ‘Start’ icon and select ‘Xbox’ from the list of apps.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • If you are accessing the first time, then you will have to provide the username and make sure to register with the Microsoft account.
  • After the opening ‘Xbox’ press ‘Window’ key and ‘G’ key together and soon a new dialogue box will feature on your display, i.e. ‘Game Bar’ and will ask you ‘Do you want to open Game bar?’ click on the box ‘Yes, this is a game’.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • In the newer version, a small capture window opens when you press the capture button on the main game bar. Now hit the record button. (A circular icon in the game bar).
  • In older versions, the circular icon is what you get in the main game bar. You can also use the Xbox screen recorder shortcut (Win + Alt + R) to start or stop the recording.
  • Now, get ready to record your Window screen as salient features will appear on your display and your task is to use them accordingly.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • Click on ‘record from now’ button or else press ‘Window’ key ‘Alt’ key and ‘R’ key altogether. You will see the record timer running on the screen.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • Once the recording is completed, click on the red button to stop. Closing the window that is currently recording will also stop the recording automatically. Once stopped you will receive a notification regarding completion.
  • You can find the recorded files stored at C:\Users\(USER_NAME)\Videos\Captures.
  • If you want to capture the images, then click on the ‘Camera’ icon featured on the list of options.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • It’s time to find out the tasks done so far; means check out the recorded video and snapshot and for this go to ‘Xbox’ and click on the ‘Capture’ tab, located at the left end of the page.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • However, if you want to make changes to the recorded videos or snapshot, then click on the fourth icon from the top and they are located at the extreme left end of the page.
  • Thereafter, you will find all the files including video and images. select the one and make the desired changes.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

How to Record the screen in Background

  • You will have to enable it from the Settings > Gaming > Captures first. Set the time duration to record in the background.

Record Windows Screen in Background

  • Now open the application for which you want the past duration to be recorded.
  • And to trigger it press Win + Alt + G. 

The video clip of the screen time in the current app before hitting the button will now be created in the usual destination folder. While this is a great feature to have, turning it on always will eat up a lot of battery, processing power and memory.

How to Turn off  Xbox DVR in Windows 10?

However, if you don’t want to access Xbox DVR and wondering for the solution ‘How to disable Xbox DVR’, then this is your ideal stop as the journey is not yet finished. Go through the detailed process and disable the application.

  • Open Settings on your PC.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

  • Click on the ‘Gaming’ section and then turn off the slider ‘Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar’ and also ensure to uncheck the box Open Game bar using this button.

Use Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your ScreenUse Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR To Record Your Screen

How to trim the Xbox captures

  • Open the Xbox Console Companion app from the start menu which also is pre-installed with Windows 10. If not present you can find it in the Microsoft Store for free.

Trim the Xbox captures

  • Click on the ‘Video with an Xbox controller’ icon on the left pane to open the captures tab. 

Trim xbox captures

  • Clicking on any file there, you will find the options to trim, rename, delete or upload directly to social media accounts. 

How to trim Xbox Captures

The Xbox app has a few other sets of tricks up its sleeve than the gameplay recording, particularly the new one. Now, you can monitor frame rates, CPU, GPU, and memory usage natively. Though in Beta words pretty well. There is also Spotify overlay for music and Xbox Social window to push content directly to social media while you are still gaming. 


These were the effective solution for ‘Use the Xbox app to record your screen in Windows 10. However, if you face any issue related to Xbox DVR or other, then feel free to contact us. Our techies will provide a comprehensive solution against any issue. They work around the clock, so you can reach anytime to get their assistance. Hence, stay tuned with us and access the salient features of the application Xbox Game DVR to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 effectively.

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